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NABEL Ceramic tile


Group Introduction

Hangzhou Nabel Group Co., Ltd was established in 1992, it is both a tile producer and seller who emphasis "multi-choice,value achieved,quality service", it is the first choice for China domes...



Return of the king-NABEL new strategy publishing meeting and domestic distributor...2016-08-28

Return of the king-NABEL new strategy news conference meeting and domestic distributor summit meeting...

NABEL wants to lead the product reform of ceramic tile industry, firstly promoted...2016-07-29

News dated on 28th July 2016 from Guigui) News conference re NABEL SIMM Marble tile-...

The revolutionized SIMM MARBLE's debut shocked the world,NABEL is leading the pro...2016-08-01

News conference re NABEL SIMM Marble tile-China firstly developed new generation of ceramic was held ...

"NABEL Ceramic Tile" landed on Antarctic2009-05-22

Hangzhou Nabel Group received 3 precious gifts: One banner on which signed the name of the staff fr...


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